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    Gun Gale Online Staff Application

    In Game Name : Phazedmillenial

    Age : 15 y/o

    Where are you from (include timezone)? : I am from the state of Florida, which resides within the Eastern Time Zone

    Have you previously applied on ARPG (If so, How long has it been)?:N/A (I have not applied)

    Have you ever been banned off of any server (you will be asked why in your interview) : I haven’t, as of this submission

    Do you have any past experience with administration? (e.g. Minecraft staff or other game servers) *: I don’t have any personal experience with staffing a server, however, as I have friends who are staff on other servers, I ask them for advice and/or watch what they do in order to learn what one should do in a situation. I have learned that a staff member is expected to be calm, yet firm towards the members of the server in which he/she is a staff member of. The members of the server look up to that person, so they should treat the members of that server like they themselves would like to be treated. They mustn’t abuse or take advantage of the permissions that they have been given, and only use them when explicitly required.

    Why do you want to become Helper/Staff?*: I want to become a staff member on the server not for the whitelisting permissions, as I view those as an added permission. I wish to become a staff member to better practice my social skills, as well as practice having a position of leadership. Becoming a staff member has been something I have been thinking about for quite some time (~3 months) on other servers, however, the position didn’t appeal to me at that time. I also with to become staff in order to set an example for those who also wish to become staff, and to guide them along their “journey” to becoming one.

    How would you help players as a staff member?*: I would help players by calmly settling any sort of quarrels that any two (or more) players might have amongst each other. I would listen to all sides of the conversation, and figure out the best course of action. In case a player lost something they owned, due to an error, or an update, I would consult my higher-ups, and decide whether or not to bestow upon them a replacement. In the case that the player is directly breaking the rules, and is harming other players’ happiness whilst playing on the modpack, I would ask them (calmly) to please stop, and remind them of the rule they would be breaking, if it were on accident. However, if it were on purpose, (i.e. Aimbotting, God-mode) I would swiftly take action, and give them the punishment that directly equals their offense.

    What can you bring to the staff team that others cannot? *: I am able to understand people’s motives, like if someone were to speak out against something because they view it as unfair, I would listen to their opinion, and tell them why that thing (Such as a rule) would be put in place, but still record it for further inspection when needed. I am also able to understand and deal with kids afflicted with autism/Asperger’s syndrome, as I myself have Asperger’s, be it in a very small amount. I am able to understand that those who are directly attempting to anger me, in order to get a reaction, are simply doing so in order to get a reaction, and will ignore them unless they do something irreparable. If there is something I am unsure how to take action to, I will make sure to consult a higher-up, as to best figure out how to handle the situation.

    How would you prioritize your time on GGO, what is more important to you?: Nothing except school and family are more important to me than my job. If something were to occur that I hadn’t already planned on happening, I would immediately report it, and figure out some sort of way that I might be able to continue my duties throughout that occurrence.

    How would you deal with a situation where multiple people were trying to contact you at once to help them with a problem?: I would ask those people to calm down, and present their problems one at a time.

    What is your most memorable experience on any of the ARPG servers?: Technically, it wasn’t on a server, but instead singleplayer. I was playing on GGO’s singleplayer, and I had just finished making a mock firing range, when I looked up at the sky, and just looked at it for at least 1-2 minutes, just taking in how calm it was.

    How many hours a week can you play for? : As it is currently Summer vacation, I am able to play for a maximum of 4 hours on the weekdays (excluding Wednesday, I am able to play for at least 6 then), and on the weekends, I am able to play for at least 8 hours

    Can you use Discord and do you have a Working mic? : I am able to use Discord, and do have a working microphone.

    If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?: One of my hobbies is engineering (As in, I like to build things, like LEGOs)

    Are you acquainted with the current staff team?: I am acquainted with Ziggy and Soap, mostly Ziggy.

    Were you recommended by a staff member to apply, if so whom? : Originally, I myself wanted to apply for staff, and Ziggy (As well as Soap) simply strengthened my want to do so.

    Did you read and do you accept the administrator and application rules and also the server / website rules?: I have read them, and accept them as much as I am able to accept them, as they are completely fair towards their members.

    Signature: (I am having to write this on a laptop, so please excuse it if it is messy)

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    Please bold the questions