Nicholas the Renegade - Day 12 (Pictures and Info.)

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    The pines seemed to stretch up to the stars, the frosty air biting at their noses. They were all huddled to keep warm, the ice making their metal armor brittle and stiff. Soon, they thought, soon, their hearts raced for the impending adrenaline. There they waited, eyes finding comfort in each other with unspoken words, the shared mutual agreement, the promise of redemption for those dear to them. Just how much longer, the silence engulfed them all, it was as quiet as death, maybe it was a sign. The peace of death, snowflakes landing cold kisses on their faces, swords glistening with frost and sweat, eyes vacant, staring into the starry abyss above, waiting, impending. There, just there, one pointed with a small whisper at the small speckle of red in the abyss, maybe it was Mars, maybe... yet most forget this is all just a game. An ear piercing whistle came with the object spiraling down, and suddenly an explosion sent some flying into the front of their comrades. Death came thundering down and snow exploded, flying in all directions blinding them for a split second. Yet there h- it was, hanging low like a marionette with its strings cut. Then with one lumbering rotation upwards, no movement from the arms nor face, it sat in silence. Suddenly, a player moved, only a slight movement worthy of being dubbed snail like, but the beast didn't miss it. His arms snapped straight, already at an odd lanky length, almost reaching it's ankles, looking like a skeleton with its skin stretched tightly over the limbs. And then, with a crack, its head snapped up, popping sounds and a screech sounded as its crossed soul-staring beet red eyes flickered into its skull. Oh god they wanted to run, but with one cry of hopelessness and blind terror, they all followed into the night.

    Howdy everyone! As most of you know we had a Nicholas the Renegade boss fight on Christmas at 9am PST
    What was dropped:
    5 second immunity crystal
    Full Heal Crystal
    Christmas Warrior skin
    Christmas Axe Skin
    Christmas Dust
    Ice Dust
    and a Redeem Crystal for a Nicholas the Renegade's Axe, fitted to their level.

    Heres some of the pictures!

    I hope the event was enjoyed by those who participated :)

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    Yay, was fun thought I crashed at the end, rip loot... xD
    Was a good year spending the last monthes with y'all, guys ! :D
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