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    Lights. They were bursting in the sky here and there, everywhere. Not one was the same to another, they were all unique. One tangerine orange and the next a cobalt blue bursting in the shape of a heart to the sun. Occasionally there were the few smiley faces but he waited in anticipation for that one firework. The biggest this year, the grand finale, the solar system. All the fireworks bored him so far, they were simply the opening show, a shadow below the pinnacle of the main act. There on the railing he sat, looking up past the glimpse of the clock tower and the few persons with familiars hanging off the sides of the ticking hands like wild animals. Then, there it was, wide in the sky and bright as ever... the countdown. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... *BANG* others were wrapped in the arms of another, some were laughing and hugging with friends, but his eye were wide on the sky. The Earth, Sun, Saturn and it's glorious rings, then his favorite planet of all, Jupiter. A never-ending storm, in the shape of a bright red eye, always watching. With a silent sigh, they dissipated silently, fizzing into a non-existent light once more and fell victim to the harsh winds of the earth. He stood, turned away, and walked home, the brightness shining in his eyes his guide through the dark and narrow streets.
    nother year gone, how many more to go?

    Hello everyon! Yes this event will be small and nothing to grand but it's the thought that counts. A new year, new experiences, new thoughts, and new encounters. I hope you are as excited to see what 2017 is to bring us as I am (whether it's good or bad).

    For this event I will be getting on during Noon and Midnight {Except for 2 of them since 4am and 5am is a little to early for me XD} for the following time-zones to set off fireworks at the clock tower. With each countdown I will drop many items, trinkets, gifts, etc.

    The following time-zones are...

    Mountain Time (Midnight)
    Central Standard Time (Midnight)
    Eastern Standard Time (Noon and Midnight)
    Greenwich Mean Time (Midnight only)
    Australian Eastern Time (Noon Only)


    Happy New Years!
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    This sounds awesome!
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    well too bad I'll be busy with other things I would look forward to the new year but things get in the way anyway the event does sound good hope everyone enjoys it
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    RIp wont be able to get on :( on holidays right now but still seems cool!
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    Is it just me or do I miss practically every event.........