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    In Game Name : _TheGreeter_

    Age :

    Where are you from (include timezone)? :
    Tennessee, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

    Have you previously applied on ARPG (If so, How long has it been?)? :
    No, I have never.

    Have you ever been banned of any server (you will be asked why in your interview) :
    I've been banned from SkittleMC for using a hacked client. I also have to include I wasn't using player vs player hacks, but I was using a spambot.

    Do you have any past experience with administration? (e.g minecraft staff or other game servers)*

    I've been staff on a couple of Minecraft servers. My most notable experience was with the Arsenal Network, who I worked for about 6 months ago. I had reached Moderator rank before resigning as staff!
    Why do you want to become Helper/Staff?* : I will try to the best of my ability to help make the community/server a better place for everyone, new and old, and I find a player's experience(s) on a server very important! As a staff member I believe it is one of their duties to try to fulfill that duty to the best of their ability. I also want to become a helper as helping people is part of what I enjoy- I know that sounds weird- but it makes me feel good, when I know I did something to help another person accomplish or do something. I also want to be apart of a really great community that makes people feel welcomed and "at home".

    How would you help players as a staff member?* :
    I would try to help them to the best of my ability but if my abilities weren't enough, I would try to get a staff member who could help him/her with their problem. If no staff could get on I would keep trying to help the player with his/her problem until someone possibly could get on. If I had to get off I would ask the person to ask in Discord for another staff member to assist the said player, but that depends on how serious the situation is. If the situation is like someone lost an item I would say for them to post in Discord, and to provide proof that they lost it.(like a screenshot) Then lets say a staff member or player was griefing I would stay on until the situation was solved.

    What can you bring to the staff team that others cannot?* :
    This is most likely a trait a lot of people have, but I can stay pretty calm in stressful situations. I also do not get mad or angered very easily or often, you would have to kill or hurt anything that I hold dear to make me very mad.

    How would you prioritize your time on GGO, what is more important to you? :
    Family, sports, and stuff along those lines are more important to me than games, but instead of playing other games like CS:GO and Arma. I'll put my effort towards GGO and not other games!

    How would you deal with a situation where multiple people were trying to contact you at once to help them with a problem? :
    I would try to deal with both of them but if I couldn't help with both of them, I would deal with the more serious problem first depending on what the problems were. If one involves a player getting one of his items stolen, and another player being spawn killed or something along those lines I would deal with the second problem first. As the first one is serious but not as serious compared to player being spawn killed which could to him/her rage quitting.

    What is your most memorable experience on any of the ARPG servers? :

    How many hours a week can you play for? :
    I'm fairly free but I practice sports and condition so I can be on for maybe at least 20 hours probably more, but that's just a rough estimate.

    Can you use Discord and do you have a Working mic? :

    If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft? :
    I'm involved with my school's basketball team, working out, music, and games. That's about it!

    Are you acquainted with the current staff team? :
    I only know about Soap mainly.

    Were you recommended by a staff member to apply, if so whom? :
    I was not recommended.

    Did you read and do you accept the administrator and application rules and also the server / website rules? :
    Yes, I have!


    Signature: Luna​
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    I like it! From what you have stated you seem quite well rounded and capable. Please reformat you application to meet the following: unbold the responses, but keep the questions bold. The question "Why do you want to become Helper/Staff?* :" is merged with another question. +1