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  1. Hichido

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    Jul 23, 2016
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    IGN - DCDeception

    Age - As it's currently 14th of May, 2018 and I was born on 20th of May 2004, I'm 13, but 14 in 6 days.

    Timezone- GMT/UTC +1, but currently in CEST, So basically GMT/UTC +2, I'm in a southern Slavic country in the Balkans

    When did you first start playing on ARPG - About 1.5-2 years ago? Not sure, haven't been active for the past half year.

    Have you previously applied on ARPG (If so, How long has it been?)? - Thought of applying for Builder, but didn't, so no. I think so? Not 100% sure, but if I did it was ages ago.

    Have you ever been banned on any server (If so why?)?*- Mineplex when I was 11 for hacking because I was bored and had nothing to do, so I decided to use a client there because I don't like the server. It's because it's vanilla, any community I like (of which Mineplex I have not, and this one I do) and especially if it's modded since I love modded, am not going to do such a terrible thing to, this is a respectable, non scummy server, unlike greedy Mineplex. I can assure you that even if I get bored of this server I respect it way too much to client on it or break any rules.

    How many hours can you play per day/week?*- Not sure, about 4 a day since, well, school, but a bit more on the weekends

    Why do you want to become a helper?*- I really love this server and have a passion for it even though I haven't been on it for a while, and I love replying to questions and helping people in #help on Discord and the chat in-game.

    Reply to Soap:
    From what I could gather from the title Helper is that I am supposed to help people, and that's what I want to do. Help on a daily basis to new players, and anyone I can, and do anything that staff wants and/or needs me to. One issue I have come across with my mindset here is that I want to stay Helper and not advance in ranks, and that might be something the staff is against.

    What is your previous experience in any type of moderation?*- I mean, I own two Discord servers? But they're dead, cause I abandoned them? For now? Working on it. Not the 2nd one, that one's cringe, removing that from existence. In Minecraft moderation though, no. I did want to start a server but had no money, now I have that but not time, times, life; eh?

    What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them?*- I mean, you can always ignore them? Depends on what the problem is, if they're asking a lot of question and seriously don't understand, be patient. Of course if it's a problem with a kid who's being toxic they should be warned and muted, but if it isn't any server situation and in private, and they're being toxic, avoid them and ignore them, it's in their nature

    Can you use the TeamSpeak and a microphone?- Yeah, both, but you use Discord now. Don't worry, I can use that as well ;)

    Any other information we should know?* - Never APPLIED for stuff before, so I don't know? I'm very complicated. And confused. Still going through puberty, so kind of a problem for you guys to deal with sometimes. I'm not using it as an excuse I'm saying you shouldn't think I will be mature when I am not supposed to, I do make immature jokes. And that I'll have "my moments". And that you should take it in full consideration, I am simply being honest. If I have "my moments" on the job I believe my rank should be terminated as I myself believe (and will try to) not to be on when I am having them, because I don't want to create a disturbance. And by rules, if I do make one, no matter why. My rank should be terminated, although, this is your server and that's for you to decide, I'll try my best (as it has worked so far) to not be "angsty" on the server nor the Discord and just avoid it in those few hours.

    I'm an objectively thinking person from what I know, I like hard, cold, facts. I have a really open mentality to hearing other people's opinions if it's an opinionated topic. I'm stubborn, I'm gonna admit I'm wrong if I am but it's gonna take quite a bit to take me to that point. I'm kind of immature in that aspect. I don't recall showing much empathy since little? I make edgy jokes, sex jokes. Edgy sex jokes? I have a pretty dark sense of humor, but of course I am not going to display it when I'm not supposed to. Which is, probably nowhere besides DMs with people who don't mind it. I enjoy making puns just as much and I'll try and keep anything controversial, jokes or anything, away from the server. I am against people hating on things for being controversial but this is a big server now and I respect that, so to not accidentally trigger someone, I will behave as such and keep my, uh, edgy side?; quiet. I guess that's it?
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    First and foremost the questions have to be bolded. Then followed by a non bold answer. Please reread the staff application template and instructions.

    For question four, if you haven’t applied which you should know, just be forward and say yes or no.

    In question five, you stated that you got banned because you used a hacked client solely because you didn’t care due to your opinion of the sever. How can you let the staff know you won’t do this if you get bored of SCO? How can they trust you?

    In question seven you said you like to help people by answering their questions in discord which I do all the time, as a helper what else do you believe you can do to help people that regular players cannot do?

    Regarding question eight, discord moderation is indeed a form of administration, however I believe they are looking for experience in Minecraft or other game servers.

    In question nine you committed a big no no, in my opinion you can never ignore people, if they are trolling they must be reprimanded for wasting staff time or spam.

    In the last question you said you going through puberty could cause problems, it will be expected of you to have the upmost possible maturity and excuses will not be welcome. It seems you are a well rounded kid who genuinely knows himself, you need to work on being more empathetic and open to diverse opinions.

    Last but not least, your application needs to be a bit more detailed add some more details to the big questions.

    You seem like a well rounded kid, best of luck to you brother.

    - Soap

    +-0 for now
  3. LordOfAethiria

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    Sep 9, 2017
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    This is something everyone gets wrong. You don't need the rank of "Helper" to help players. If someone asks a question, answer it if you know the correct information.
  4. UrsaMajorTV

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    May 30, 2016
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    Please contact me on the discord to talk about your application

    Phase 1 Accepted!
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