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    It is an odd feeling, disappointment. Typically most people can see it coming, the small things leading up to it. The moments that are hard miss but still get shoved aside and in a small state of subconscious panic, most think of how they're going to fix it. That feeling settles in the bottom of your gut, while the anxiety slowly creeps in. There are all kinds of disappointment. Yet through the disappointment many learn, grow, make sacrifices to avoid that disappointment in themselves, others, or the world. Those people make impossible decisions, radical ones making them seem as though they're suddenly a superhero in a cliche movie. People who throw themselves on top of a bomb, who stick their hand into a gushing wound in the middle of the desert, possibly some who block a harbor over tea, or create a country in the name of freedom. Maybe the disappointment is worth it if people like that are allowed to rise...

    In the distant memories far past disappointment, some can recall the sorrowful honor of bagpipes, thick polyester lined with red, white, and blue swaying in the breeze and a trickle of fireworks in the night sky.

    Hello everyone, long time no see.
    As most of you know we have not had an official Event since March 18, 2018, aka St. Patricks Day, yet here we are, finally. I will keep this short, sweet, and straight to the point.
    This event has been made to celebrate the 4th of July, a sign of independence to everyone in the world and not simply the USA. The event created will be a barbeque celebration where everyone can come and go, explore and not have to stick on for a certain time. This is a reminiscence of the USA's first celebration of the 4th of July when the USS Jefferson came into the harbor to fire off fireworks and playing the 1812 Overture. This event consists of traders, interactive NPCs, music, and more. There is one thing in particular that will be a form of a game, head to Carla at the event area near the basketball hoop, she'll explain how the game works. (Thanks to Dek for the summary for me to go off of). This is simply an event to allow players to relax and think about the sacrifices made to create the world or the soil they are standing on.
    The warp to the area can be found at gates (through an NPC named Proudmore) early in the morning PST time aka when I get up.

    Have a happy Independence Day everyone

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    god save the queen
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