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    IGN : DJ_Cupid

    Age : 14 (will be 15 in July, 2 months from now.)

    Where are you from? (include timezone) : I was born and am currently being raised in the United States of America, Florida (don't want to too specific on exact location). My timezone is Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    Have you previously applied on ARPG (If so, How long has it been?)? :

    No, I have not.

    Have you ever been banned of any server (if so why?) :

    I was banned on a couple different servers for hacking, though, I have not use a hacked client for a year or more and I have given up on it because I did not like getting banned from fun servers.

    Have you got any past experience with staff (e.g minecraft staff or other game servers)* :

    Yes, I do, I am currently a Helper (Second rank there after Trial) on DraconicRPG, and I am a Helper on Okurima DBC, a modded Dragon Ball server. I also have past experience as a Head-Mod on a small vanilla server (that was shutdown as far as I know, sadly). I was also Co-Owner for a very spell vanilla KitPvp server(also, unfortunately, shutdown). There is like one or two more servers that I was staff on but I forget what ranks, it was a while ago though.

    How many hours a week can you play for? :
    I can play for 7 hours a week, or more, depending on how busy I am. It all depends on what it happening the week of. Currently, I have two weeks away from Summer Break, then I will (more than likely) be able to increase my active hours.

    Why do you want to become Helper/Staff?* :

    I want to become a Helper/Staff because I want to help fill the staff positions and to help the community of the server. I want to help people and get there where they need to get, to give them the knowledge they need (if I have it), etc.

    What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them?* :

    "Remember they're younger than you and less mature, but don't ask like they're a baby, cause they may not be. Try to be nice to them and help them the best you can." (Something like that, depending on the situation.)

    Can you use Discord and do you have a Working mic? :

    Yes, I have discord, but my mic is complicated. I can use my build in mic or just join vc on my phone,but that's not the problem. The problem is I have overprotective parents that don't allow me to use VC (yet, I hope I can sometime eventually), so I can't really talk in my mic thing, but I can just use the text channel if needed. It also depends on the situation of like where I am, what's happening at the time, are my parents distracted, etc.

    Is there any extra information you wish to share with us? :

    My discord is CupidGaming#4887. (Until I decide to change the username again.) Also, if you have any questions or comments, please, Direct Message me on discord.

    Did you read and do you accept the rank and application thread rules and also the server / website rules? : Of course, I accept. (Why wouldn't I?)
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    Please go more in depth on what you did in said administrative position on the servers you listed. For example, what did you do to help players specifically.

    Would you mind elaborating more on how you would help people as a helper?

    Wanting to fill the staff positions is not very positive, nor does it make you look good either.

    I apologize but overall the quality of this application is quite poor. You need to have longer answers at least a paragraph for each marked with the *. It would be nice if you used proper English grammar if you don’t know how use grammarly. Also you misused several words throughout your entire application.
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    What did you do as those positions on those servers?

    What are the specific times that you can play? e.g Wednesday 3pm-5pm

    Anyone can do that, even an unused alt account.

    Pretty sure you can do this without being a helper.

    Maybe include some of your interests or something similar.