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Discussion in 'SCO Staff Applications - Accepted' started by myhouse21, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. myhouse21

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    Jan 4, 2018
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    IGN - My in game name is Myhouse21.

    Age - I am18 years old.

    Timezone- My time zone is Central Time Zone UTC-06:00.

    When did you first start playing on ARPG - I believe I began playing ARPG back in 2016 I played for around a year and a half, then my account had gotten hacked and I lost my account and the email attached. I recently started playing again, and I have been on for about a week since, the server has changed a large amount, though I am quickly learning it again.

    Have you previously applied on ARPG (If so, How long has it been?)? - I have applied on ARPG before, which happened to be about a year to a year and a half ago, I was denied because I couldn't give enough information about myself ( I am very simple and keep to myself).

    Have you ever been banned on any server (If so why?)?*- I have never been banned on another server I try to keep on top of every server's rules. Just simply following the rules has kept me away from the ban hammer. Following rules such as respecting players and staff, specific server rules, like ARPG has the no giving out items rule are examples of simple rules that can easily be followed.

    How many hours can you play per day/week?*- I go to school from 8am to 3 pm and get home at around 4:50pm. I can play from 5pm to 12am Monday through Friday. On the weekends I can play somewhere around 8am to 12 am.

    Why do you want to become a helper?*- I would like to become a helper because I enjoy helping everyone out, not to mention it is the right thing to do, I play on the server constantly, I am quite friendly, and easy to talk to, though I did have to take a year long break after losing my old account (I believe this happened because it had been my brothers old account). I am not here to judge, but to offer my help so that when it is needed I will be able to give it. It was not my intention to call the staff out I tried to state the fact that when I am online there are many other players asking for staff of which happen to not be on at that time. I do my best to help them, though most of the time I have to resort to the help chat on the Discord server. I just want the players to know that help is online for them when the other staff members are asleep or busy.

    What is your previous experience in any type of moderation?*- My previous experience is some what vast, I have owned five servers, and have Co-owned three. I have been Admin a couple of times, I cannot remember exactly how many, somewhere around two or three times. I have been a Moderator around ten times, and I have been helper around twenty times. I made quite a few prison/mine servers, I mostly made the shell of the servers and other worlds and touched up a few things here and there while I had a few builders to help along the way. Though the last time I owned a server was about five years ago. Other things like Co-Owner, Admin, Moderator, and helper were just player handling and making sure the server was up and running without problems.

    What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them?*- I understand that dealing with a person younger than you can be somewhat difficult at times and depending on the situation at hand. One thing you must keep in mind that it is your job to deal with it, and deal with it professionally. You must be understanding so they do not feel as if you do not care. Patience is also key, if you do not have patience then I suggest you gain it.

    Can you use the teamspeak and a microphone?- I can use teamspeak and a microphone, though I would rather use Discord.

    Any other information we should know?* - I have Insomnia which is a reason I am online more, but I have random crashes, such as if I am not online one day and I do not tell you why, my body crashed and I will probably be asleep all day. I have ADHD which does cause me to easily loose focus at times. I collect comic books, old cameras, and knives. I enjoy talking with people and hanging out with friends, there really is not much to me, I am pretty easy going. I apologize for how sloppy I made this application I for some reason decided to make this at around three am.

    Did you read and do you accept the rank and application thread rules and also the server / website rules?
    I have read, and I do accept the rank, application thread rules, and the server / website rules.
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  2. Dek

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    Jul 27, 2016
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    What was the outcome of this application? Were you accepted or denied?

    How do you do this? How have you kept on top of rules? This needs more detail and needs to be longer.

    So you want to be a helper because you are online a lot, enjoy helping people, and feel that staff aren't doing their job? Well for one, what does the amount of staff have to do with your application? This section of the application is for you to convince us that you want to do good for the server and the staff team. All you have done is say you want to help people, which you can do as a player (being staff isn't required to be helpful), and point out flaws in the staff team. Not particularly convincing of a good addition to the staff.

    Wow! That is a lot. What did you do? Did you handle players? Did you handle maps? Once again, the key is in the detail.

    You really didn't. I am sorry to say, but you did not follow application rules. Questions with an asterisk need a paragraph or more and detail. Clean it up.

    Overall, in my opinion, this is an average application. Grammar is practically non-existent, which I would suggest you clean up. Additionally, you should add more to the questions that have an asterisk and make sure you pay attention to detail. This application is for you to convince us you would be a good addition to the staff team. For many reasons, including the fact that your account has been shown (due to hacking) that it is vulnerable, the fact that you have not played in over a year and many things have changed, and the fact that this application needs work and you spent an entire paragraph pointing out staff flaws, I am giving you a -1. Fix the issues, and I will consider giving a +1
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    May 31, 2016
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    am I right to assume that's 4:50pm?

    What's the problem with there being barely any staff online? (Put the answer in the application) So, how often do you see that there isn't a helper/other staff member online while you are online?

    You got any hobbies, etc. that you could mention?

    Oh yeah, please bold the questions as it makes it easier to read the application.
  4. Scouthunty

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    Aug 26, 2017
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    I would recommend making a list for example:

    Monday: xx:xx - xx:xx
    Tuesday: xx:xx - xx:xx
    look at other accepted applications for improvement
  5. UrsaMajorTV

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    May 30, 2016
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    Please come on to the server's discord to discuss your application

    Phase 1 Accepted!
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