12 Day(s) Of SCOMiss

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    It was snowing in their world. A yearly event that had all the people scrambling on to see. It may have been made out of pixels, fake pictures on a screen, but it was their escape, their own place they called home. There, flying above them all was one, cloak, eye-patch, shield, and all, shimmering like the north star in the sky. Her black and white ears twitched watching them all jump for joy after vanquishing yet another doomed boss. Of course there were few who sulked, heads down as they didn't have a new addition to their items and walked away from the group gloomy as can be. With that she smirked, spiked teeth reflecting off the flakes of ice in the air with mischief. Slowly, she flew off, grinning like a Cheshire cat, settling down on her throne in the sky with one thought drifting through her cloak-covered head. 'Oh how that gloom would change with tomorrow's last gift.' And with an echoing chuckle, the curtains close on the icy day eleven of their Christmas.

    Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed these past twelve days as much as I have. Granted, it was hard getting on every day, especially when I spent five+ of them being sick. However, I trucked through it just for you all and the joy it fills me with to see you all enjoying your time on our server. Today even though I wasn't slashing my sword and gritting my teeth at the anticipation, I had a grin on my face the entire time. With a few technical difficulties at first you all stuck with me and bore it out, receiving joy and gifts. I thank you for that.
    Below will be a few screenshots of the event from today.


    Merry Christmas SCO!

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