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Hey guys,

I am sorry to say but the server had to undergo a 1 day rollback due to a huge error that arose with the world map. No one will get items that were lost as that would be unfair to everyone else, again I am very sorry.

One good thing came from this... player housing! Within the next day or so due to this error we have implemented player housing so people can get a house on the actual floor 1 map (Such as in spawn!) which should be fun!

Sorry and thanks, I really love how loyal and fun you all are!

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Hello all!

Welcome to our new forums! Remember to check up on how to sign up and other stuff, I will now go into some of the changes!

Donators now will get there in game rank on the forums! However this will only happen automatically if when people buy the rank after the new site was made.

To fix your rank if you bought a rank before the 'revamped' site you must go onto floor 1 and type /buy. Then click 'forum rank fix' and select the rank you bought. If you bought beater on the super old enjin site then you will need to contact @BrightPrimates or @AncientRPG for a manual fix.

We are also making it so helpers have a rank on the forums! Donator ranks come with a few perks on the site which we plan to expand.

Post Ratings:
People on the forums can now rate posts, this will add more of a way of expressing opinions and trying to get more likes (Or dislikes) than other players!

Ban List:
A new feature we are currently developing is a ban list page. It will allow people to look at a live ban / mute feed and look up themselves or other players. This feature is not visible yet however it will be implemented within the next day or so.

Website Hub Page:
So now you may notice that will take you to a hub page where you can get the voting links, forum links or donation links. This was made so that our upcoming game-modes and servers can be made slightly separate (forum wise) so that it can be managed by staff easier.

Remember we are continuously developing the site and these are some of the many planned features we have in mind!


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This is a quick tutorial on how to join the current sao server!

1) First you need to download technic launcher over at

2) When you have downloaded it log in using your minecraft login details

3) Now go over to and get the url under 'get this modpack' (Should be

4) Put this url into the search bar in technic and then it will show the modpack, click install in the bottom right

5) When installed click the play button

6) Click multiplayer and our server should be listed! If the server is not listed connect using

You are now on the server! Make sure to walk into the teleporter or type /server floor1r. If it does not connect you right away and says you are already connecting relog and try again!