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Hey it's me again, Leo.
Because of the recent Floor 1 downtime, I decided to launch an event centered around the Build Server.

So welcome to the Questline Build and Art Competition!!!


This is basicly a normal build competition but with a theme! This theme are the Quest Line Ideas from the previous Quest Line Competition. Your job is it to go onto our build server and build something that can be used when we introduce one of the quests into the live server (you will of course be credited if your build is used). You can also build something related to one of those quest ideas, but something that can later be implemented is highly appreciated. This can range from normal houses to whole dungeons or megabuilds.
Please use primarily the winning entries or the most complete Quest Ideas.

Additionaly I decided to add a sub-section to this competition that is centered around art (again related to the Quest Lines from the Quest Line Competition). Here you can submit anything that is quest line related but does not fall under the "Builds" category. This ranges from pictures to whole trailers for one questline. Let your creativity flow :)
Please use primarily the winning entries or the most complete Quest Ideas.

1st Place will recieve two Beater+ Ranks for them self or for friends.
2nd Place will recieve one Beater+ Rank for them self or for friends.
3rd Place will recieve one Beater Rank for them self or for friends.

Since I don't expect the Art sub-section to be as populated as the build section the prizes here will be a bit smaller. However if there are enough good quality submissions to this section I will alter the prizes of the...
Hey it's me, Leo.
You all probably know it already, but our Floor 1 server was on maintenance mode for the last days and is now completely shut down until we fixed it.

This is all due to a member of staff issuing the "/stoplag" command. This was done because the server was experiencing a high amount of lag at the time. What this member of staff didn't know was that this command is not compatible with our npc mod and thus deleted all the npcs on our Floor 1 server. This was still all an accident and this member of staff did NOT do it on purpose so please do not go an a hate rampage against him/her.

We should have backups but I cannot restore them from ingame and I lost my file access due to our box migration a couple weeks ago. I haven't recieved the new access yet because I was on a hiking/climbing trip in the mountains and had absolutely no access to the internet at that time. I only came back yesterday and can now start to deal with this. To add to the situation both Panda and Bright are currently away (on their well deserved holidays I think) and more or less unable to help me with this today.

What I ask you to do is to be patient and sit this out without flaming or hating. We are doing our best to ensure that our server is up as soon as possible again but you have to understand that this is harder than usual since this accident happened in the worst posisble moment (all 2 owners and the dev away).

In the meantime I kindly redirect you to our buildserver and if you want an entire different experience, I encourage you to bridge the Floor 1 offline time with my second modpack ArcaniaCraft.

Sincerely, Leo
Build server is still available to build skins/structures for the server!

Breaking News!
Floor1 has been infested by spiders and was shut down temporarily.

Because of a few unnamed players, spiders were being taken advantage of, multiplying in mass numbers for the addition of extra EXP, mostly during boosters. Unfortunately, the mass amount of spiders was too much for little old floor1 to handle, causing mass amounts of lag. Under the pressure of all this, a certain unnamed staff member used the most obvious command, /stoplag.

Yet, this staff member did not know the consequences of using said command.

In result of this command, floor1 was shut down and all of our precious NPCS were deleted. Poof, gone, vanished. However, do not panic for we do have backups that are working to restore the server as we speak.

The server will be down for a small amount of time until it is fixed thoroughly. During this time we will focus even more time on the new map and features you're sure to get excited about. While our maintenance is working on restoring the revamp, do not fret for we are coming up with ideas to keep you entertained. From a possible build competition to you just scanning the forum, vote, ban, or donation pages we are trying our best to turn this inconvenience into a convenience.

I am terribly sorry for what has happened, all those who are responsible for this have apologized and will atone for their actions. However, I will not tolerate any kind of accusations about who these players are or any 'beef' being held against them. We will not have an 'accusation/blame war' in the comments, understood?

Thank you all for having such great patience in this ordeal. If you have any questions or comments about the issue, comment below.

Hey all,

So today I just want to make a small post about our plans, restrictions and also a an idea which a few people might be interested in.

First lets begin with our plans for floor 1 & 2. In the last week a ton of new plans have been made and people in the staff team are getting put to work on new build ideas, quests, lore etc. (As you can notice many mods have temp admin to work on things). The most important plan we have is a whole rework / redesign of floor 1 terrain wise. Doing this will cost us quite a bit of money, when the new map is made we do plan to make a ton of new builds, remake all the dungeons etc. The only place that will carry across will be the main city and maybe a few of the towns.

One of the issues we will have with redesigning floor 1 (And maybe floor 2?) is the cost issue. No one on our staff team knows how to properly use programms like worldmachine which is essential to make epic maps. We also dont have a huge staff / build team to work on new builds. With this in mind we plan on hiring an external build team and world terrain developer to help us make an epic map. The downside to this is we dont have the money to fund such a team. I would like to say that we are looking for people who may be interested in investing into the server, and in return getting a percentage of donations until it is paid of alongside a little extra, if we can. Most importantly we are also looking for anyone part of a build team who may work for free or know someone who can use worldmachine in detail for free. If we cant get any of the above to happen we may have enough money in a couple of months to get the terrain made without any builds, so the project will still happen, it just wont be ready for a long long time.

Another set of plans we have regard our Kingdoms server! This is the server where you select a predefined house/faction (Around 3-4) and fight for land, trade, raid dungeons etc. This server is a long term...
In light of the old forums, I've decided to create a new change log segment that will show all the new developments on the AncientRPG network. The majority of these will probably be plugin changes and new plugins that have been added (As I'm not stop working on them) But these posts will also allow you to post bugs, and keep up to date with the latest things.

The format goes something like this:

+ New addition to the servers/network
- Removal of something from the servers/network
~ Change or a bug fix

Change log 1.0:

+ [SAO] Added Miri plugin (Read here to find out more)

~ [SAO] Fixed a lot of null guilds.

Notes: Mainly plugins this week as this segment has only just been started up. Also won't be a lot that's been edited

1st (@_Arima) Place will receive £30 in a steam card, two Beater+ Ranks for them self or for friends. A personalised sword, one of its kind (in game). You need to PM me on the forums to get the rewards!

2nd (@ThinhTruong2412) Place will receive £20 in a steam card, one Beater & Beater+ rank for them self or a friend. A personalised sword, one of its kind (in game). You need to PM me on the forums to get the rewards!

3rd (@beastbb) Place will receive £10 in a steam card, one Beater + rank for them-self or a friend. A personalised sword, one of its kind (in game). You need to PM me on the forums to get the rewards!

The people below will be able to give beater+ and beater to anyone (of themselves) to anyone on the server and receive a custom sword! You need to private message me on the forums with who you want to get the rank and if you want a custom name on the sword or skin then message me about that too!
Very very close runner ups:

All the people below can request for anyone in the server (including themselves) to get given beater rank. You will also receive a custom sword! You need to private message me on the forums with who you want to get the rank and if you want a custom name on the sword or skin then message me about that too!
SO SO close!

Thanks for everyone who took part, these quests are darn amazing! Honestly almost everyone here should be in the top #3 however I had to choose only 3 :/ The top 3 was mostly decided from...
Hey all,

So today I would like to ask the community what they want. Clearly floor 1 is going down in popularity and its clearly due to the lack of growth content wise and also the limitations of how an modded mmorpg can work on minecraft. In recent weeks I have been trying to create classes, factions etc that you can join and level up with a skill tree on the server, unfortunately it completely breaks the whole experience system and often bugs out due to our server being modded. We are trying to work on floor 2 but development is slow, same with the new mmorpg non modded server.

So what does the community want? At the current rate the server could go offline in the current months unless we revive the network with fresh ideas. I do not believe the continued development of floor 1 alone will be enough and the other projects will take more than just a few months.

We have thought of opening some simple faction style based servers (however not the factions plugin as its overused and limited in features).

Anyway thanks for the comments,


Today I am here to announce a project that is currently underway, Kingdoms.

Kingdoms is a non modded MMORPG game-mode for the AncientRPG community server. The game mode is based loosely on Medieval England / Game Of Thrones. The server will consist of multiple Houses which you can choose from when you first join the server. You can also choose a class and skill tree. These houses / factions are continuously fighting, often to gain control of the capital. The server will also have some dungeons, farming spots and quests however the farming will be a very small thing which players do not need to do if they don't want to.

The quests on the gamemode will be ranging from re-claiming territory, transportation missions etc. There will be a map for the server in which you can see which Kingdom owns what territory (Similar to planet side 2). Each house will have a Lord which will be managed by staff or well known trusted players on the server. When you join a house you can choose from a range of jobs, set up your own house, pay your taxes etc. If you want you don't even have to pvp, however you would be missing out on a large part of the server.

The more land you own the more income your house makes, making your pay rate go up. You can also claim certain towns to get certain mini buffs to your house. If you own the capital you earn a huge amount of money, strong buffs and lower trading rates. You will pretty much be the strongest faction. On the topic of buffs, there will also be different Gods, depending on which god you follow you may get rewards in items, quests, money or ability's.

For the server we are also using our own resource pack using 3D items. Some screenshots of some of the swords are below.

I will make future posts with spoilers and information but this project will not be anywhere near done any time soon. Any suggestions, feedback etc is appreciated.

- BrightPrimates
[SPOILER="3 of the models so far + animation...
Hey all!

Today we are starting a new competition! All players (including staff below admin rank) are allowed to participate! There will be prizes for all good quests and stories but the top three will get a special prize!

How to participate:
Start a new thread here (Quest Line Ideas Sub-Forum) and start writing! The quest or story line idea you make must have multiple characters, multiple quests (such as find an npc, kill and npc, collect an item, deliver an item etc) and new monster/npc ideas with names, potential weapons and damage.

All the posts part of the competition must have there own dialogues already written, lore for items involved etc. The longer and more complex the quest the better, however its best that the quest or story is usable on the server, this means its bound to the laws of physics within floor 1.

This does not mean you go into single player and make the quests, it means you write up lore, dialogues etc on a forum post with information about the NPC's. The only part of this competition that is in game would be any skins or builds you may add to go with your submission.

The Prize:
Place will receive £30 in a steam card, two Beater+ Ranks for them self or for friends. A personalised sword, one of its kind (in game).

2nd Place will receive £20 in a steam card, one Beater & Beater+ rank for them self or a friend. A personalised sword, one of its kind (in game).

3rd Place will receive £10 in a steam card, one Beater + rank for them-self or a friend. A personalised sword, one of its kind (in game).

If the winners would rather have the money reward in another game such as RP for League of Legends they can request to have that instead.

Any other high quality quests, stories etc that can be used for the server will also get a reward ranging from ranks to in game items.

  • The quest...
The last post I wrote bascially said how we had ran into an issue allowing players to build into their houses. Well we fixed that about a week ago after 3 weeks of the player housing plugin being delayed. However, we then ran into another issue. The plugin was basically lagging out the server to the point when it was no longer playable. We took it upon ourselves to remove the plugin and find an alternative way to get player housing working.

And now we have.

All in all, this plugin allows you to have your own personal house. I do not recommend it for guilds as you have a plot for that.





How much do the houses cost?

<Edit needed here> To pay for a house, you will need to use the virtual currency in /bal. A manor/mansion will cost $2 a day whilst a smaller house will only cost $1. You can see how much a house costs when you walk into the house you want to buy. 1 DC will give you $12 that you can then spend on houses. So 1 DC can pay up to 12 days for a smaller house and 6 for a bigger house.

What can I do in the houses?

You cannot edit any of the blocks that make up the house. You may decorate the interior to your liking.

Can I buy houses permanently?

No. The problem with servers such as this is overtime, we generally start to lose player's sometimes and new ones join us. If a player buys a house and then leaves, that house will then be stuck in that persons name until removed. So instead, we introduced a "pay-by-day system" You basically pay to rent the house out each day, keeping in mind that you can stack how many days you want to rent a house for. We simply don't have enough houses to...