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Sadly, today is the last day of the Halloween event.
I would like to thank you all for participating and showing your support for this event, I hope you all had as much fun as I'd hoped you would. And to those of you who received the event's drops, have fun with them!
Now for the exciting part, announcing the new event. The event will have it's own seperate forum but I will tell you what the event is going to be based on.
What's that I hear? A-a bird? Well if I look at the calendar it says November... hmmm and what mainly is our player base? North America based? I think you all know what I'm getting at. Yes the next event will be based off of...


Now, I am going to take more of a historical side of this event but don't worry, it is pvp based and won't be a v2 of your boring history teachers lecture you hear everyday.
Again thank you for showing your support and I wish you a happy
P.S. The Halloween Thread has been moved to the SAO Discussion forum area.
So I have decided to re-open staff applications for Helpers again, If you wish to apply then hop over to the Applications Sub-Forums , read the rules and then post your application using the given template!

I wish you all the best of luck!
Hey guys, I am going to be changing my name to UrsaMajorTV from Sukai, This change is for a few reasons but mainly because the name "Sukai" has been taken by a Japanese Boy Band, meaning any searches with "Sukai" in them is instantly directed to the band, But with UrsaMajorTV it takes you to the correct place.
Once in a while as a programmer, what you work on starts to become boring and you start to not enjoy it anymore. With this server, this feeling comes more often than I wish. Working plugins around mods and bugs is awful. However, after a break and letting everyone sort plans for the revamp, I'll be back on Friday fixing bugs and adding new features that I've promised but never got around to.

The revamp (which is coming in a few months) will allow me to rework a new system in that I couldn't do with the server now. Guild plot expansions and all that fun stuff will be coming soon.

I've also invested in new hardware as well such as a new laptop so I can code and access the server pretty much anywhere and rented new servers to make debugging much easier.

Please do not ask any questions about the revamp as I don't know. If you have any new suggestions and ideas that would entice you to keep playing on the server then let me know. After all, what makes this server is the people that play on it.

Thanks for understanding
~ Panda
Hello Everyone,
Me and Panda (mainly him) manadged to fix the server, turns out the Host decided to restart the Box and that is what messed up some stuff, Should be all working again and a XP booster will be activated for the next 12h!
Hello everyone, recently there have been a few problems with installation of the modpack, this is due to us moving from our old file host to a new one because of bandwidth restrictions, this should be fixed with 24h, We are sorry for any problems this has caused.
Hello everyone, I know the past few weeks have been hard on the server... I just want to thank you all for sticking with the community in these hard times and you have my total respect for helping keep the community alive.

You might have already seen the new Owner playing from time to time on the server and I think it about time that I formally introduce myself to you all.

I am @Sky_BigBoss , The new Owner of ARPG.

I look forward to working with you guys in the future, I am going to keep the rest of this announcement short so I can focus on making some more things for the server.

More announcements will come with some small changes to donations and general updates

Not many updates have been done to the server recently due to some events (NPC wipe, me away on holiday for 2 weeks, new owner etc...) However, I'm finally getting back on top of development and adding/fixing features in the server

I've added the smaller features into the server first as the other major plugins (Such as player housing and guilds) will take some time to adjust


+ New addition to the servers/network
- Removal of something from the servers/network
~ Change or a bug fix

+ [SAO] Remade an Auto Restart feature. This feature will actually alert players of a shutdown
+ [SAO] Added a player data reset feature. Do /sao for the menu (WARNING: THIS MENU IS IN BETA AND BEING TESTED. MORE WILL BE ADDED TO IT SOON) You will have to confirm whether you reset your player data. We cannot refund players if they reset their player data using this feature.
+ [SAO] Made a chat filter feature, blocking swear words and excessive caps. Some non-swear words are blocked for some reason (I just found a list online, I wasn't going to go through the effort of writing all the vulgar words I know) Just comment if any non-swear words are blocked.

~ [SAO] Autorestarting the server will send you to the hub rather than kick you from the server, making you log in again
~ [SAO] New auto restart plugin doesn't work during backups.
~ [SAO] 5 days worth of backups will now be kept due to recent events

Guilds and player housing fixes next! Also friends, party and marriage plugin coming later on. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to add them in a comment below

~ Panda
Hello all...

So today I have some info which could come true, its very likely.

I am stepping down as owner of the server, it was a god damn fun ride and I bludy love all of you, I literally have tears in my eyes right now, this community has been my life for a long time now, it helped me feel happy and sometimes sad (in good and bad ways :p) .

This server was originally just a fun little project I started with some random crazy German called @Leolele99 and it grew into something that, over time, I started to dislike and like in different ways. I always wanted this server for just a little fun, but it grew, which lead to us getting better servers, costing money, getting donations etc. This all lead to it becoming more of a business than a fun project, I was even forced by UK law to register as a damn business... kinda stupid. I love this server, I love this community and I damn don't want it to go. I love all your messages and feedback, I got more messages on here saying Happy Birthday than from people I regard as friends in real life, which means a huge damn ton to me, like, a huge ton, and its not just that.

I don't want to swear so eh
I fucking love you all, like, this server has been my life. I have made so many fucking friends and I don't wanna leave, damn I am tearing up :/ I know many people may hate me for this...
. Ugh I don't know how to put this in text but man I feel so bad writing this.

I will maybe stay on as staff, I wont be too active. This is due to me starting university and also me not wanting to manage the server anymore, I also wanna make some more irl friends. I also really dislike some of the things that happen between players and staff. Often I wake up finding some new argument or 'issue' between mostly staff and sometimes players which I have to deal with.

I closely regard many of you lot, especially the ones who come on teamspeak or have me on skype as friends, I have even made...
All the rumours you heard were more or less wrong!
Here is what I can confirm:

-the server is not going down, and the NPC wipe has mostly been fixed
-Otto will resign from his Owner position
-someone else will take over
-the new owner is not yet confirmed
-I will still be Owner or similar when the new Owner takes over
-Bright might still be Admin or similar but thats not yet confirmed
-a part of the staff team is probably going to stay
-for the players themself not too much is gonna change right now
-we lost a lot of money due to chargebacks this month, so if you want to help us please consider donating ^^

Don't believe random rumours! More infos will follow in the next days!