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Hey Hey Hey!
As you may know. I was promoted to Head-Designer recently. It's my job to give the players new content. So as I want to know what you guys want! So I am hosting a nice quest line competition! You will have from Feb. 9th to March 9th. Which will give you a whole lot of time to take care of it. I do need to lay down some rules so here we go. REMEMBER TO POST IDEA IN THE CORRECT CATEGORY!

  • The quest lines / stories must be usable in game, therefore they are bound to the laws of physics of Minecraft.
  • The quest lines / stories must use unique NPC's with a link to there skin from such websites as PMC unless they are a type of mob on the server or use the in game editor (Go into single player to mess around with this concept).
  • The quest lines / stories cannot be copied from other games, films etc. They can be loosely connected if you wish (such as a similar name or item).
  • Nothing too inappropriate such as a quest involving some sort of drugs or the use of offensive language etc.

More may be added alongside suggestions from the community.

  • Think of lore for items, people and locations.
  • Good at building? Build some stuff to go with it on the build server!
  • You could make sword, bow or armour skins to go with the NPC's look / drops / rewards.
  • Be unique!
  • NPC's can run server based commands or make a player who clicks them run a command. If you have a plugin you want to run alongside the quest contact @UrsaMajorYT or @DetectiveStrife and they can test it to see if it works....
That's right folks, all vending blocks are to be confiscated and banned.
Due to certain duping exploits etc they are eventually going to be removed completely.
However, those who have shops will be allowed to close them down and sort everything out.
That is all I have time for today, stay tuned for further information.


Thank You.

He heard the faint boom of the fireworks a way off, sitting silently on the pier . Rocking his feet, crossing them, tapping lightly against the wood just thinking and ignoring the chattering behind him in the brightly decorated town. Boom, another firework lit off and even though they were created out of millions of pixels and coding, they looked as real as his own home's. Home... he wondered what the world was doing, were they worrying about the thousands still left, trapped in the game, or were they laughing and enjoying the festival without a care in the world? He supposed he'd never know. Sighing silently he looked up from the water, tilted his head and watched the town, listening to the players making the best out of what they could. Another year, another day, another minuet in this game ticked by, it was a depressing thought, so he let his mind be swept away with the calm, rolling waves, believing it was all real.

Woot Woot, another event!
Don't get your hopes up however everyone, this will be a humble event, for I myself have been quite busy and unfortunately I have been having many problems.
But enough about me! Let's get into the details of the Spring Festival tomorrow.

Of course I am going to be decorating the server, making it bright and shiny, but there will also be a market! The market will be in the same place Santa's workshop was (across from the bank).
Also, don't be surprised if you see a certain beast roaming around (aka possible Chinese Dragon Boss that drops the currency for the market).

I know, fairly short, but as I said, busy schedule, etc etc. And to answer why there has only been events on major holidays, it is because 1. busy as I said and 2. we're basically limiting events until revamp.

Lights. They were bursting in the sky here and there, everywhere. Not one was the same to another, they were all unique. One tangerine orange and the next a cobalt blue bursting in the shape of a heart to the sun. Occasionally there were the few smiley faces but he waited in anticipation for that one firework. The biggest this year, the grand finale, the solar system. All the fireworks bored him so far, they were simply the opening show, a shadow below the pinnacle of the main act. There on the railing he sat, looking up past the glimpse of the clock tower and the few persons with familiars hanging off the sides of the ticking hands like wild animals. Then, there it was, wide in the sky and bright as ever... the countdown. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... *BANG* others were wrapped in the arms of another, some were laughing and hugging with friends, but his eye were wide on the sky. The Earth, Sun, Saturn and it's glorious rings, then his favorite planet of all, Jupiter. A never-ending storm, in the shape of a bright red eye, always watching. With a silent sigh, they dissipated silently, fizzing into a non-existent light once more and fell victim to the harsh winds of the earth. He stood, turned away, and walked home, the brightness shining in his eyes his guide through the dark and narrow streets.
nother year gone, how many more to go?

Hello everyon! Yes this event will be small and nothing to grand but it's the thought that counts. A new year, new experiences, new thoughts, and new encounters. I hope you are as excited to see what 2017 is to bring us as I am (whether it's good or bad).

For this event I will be getting on during Noon and Midnight {Except for 2 of them since 4am and 5am is a little to early for me XD} for the following time-zones to set off fireworks at the clock tower. With each countdown I will drop many items, trinkets, gifts, etc.

It was snowing in their world. A yearly event that had all the people scrambling on to see. It may have been made out of pixels, fake pictures on a screen, but it was their escape, their own place they called home. There, flying above them all was one, cloak, eye-patch, shield, and all, shimmering like the north star in the sky. Her black and white ears twitched watching them all jump for joy after vanquishing yet another doomed boss. Of course there were few who sulked, heads down as they didn't have a new addition to their items and walked away from the group gloomy as can be. With that she smirked, spiked teeth reflecting off the flakes of ice in the air with mischief. Slowly, she flew off, grinning like a Cheshire cat, settling down on her throne in the sky with one thought drifting through her cloak-covered head. 'Oh how that gloom would change with tomorrow's last gift.' And with an echoing chuckle, the curtains close on the icy day eleven of their Christmas.

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed these past twelve days as much as I have. Granted, it was hard getting on every day, especially when I spent five+ of them being sick. However, I trucked through it just for you all and the joy it fills me with to see you all enjoying your time on our server. Today even though I wasn't slashing my sword and gritting my teeth at the anticipation, I had a grin on my face the entire time. With a few technical difficulties at first you all stuck with me and bore it out, receiving joy and gifts. I thank you for that.
Below will be a few screenshots of the event from today.


Merry Christmas...
He yanked away, trudging off towards the thicket of pine. The crunch underneath him and whispers of snowflakes hitting his cloak were the only sounds for miles. In the distance there was a faint blue glow, he was close now. He looked down at his clenched hand, sword glinting off the moonlight. For her, he repeated in his head, stepping into the clearing. Jingle bells sounded and the boss dropped, his crooked appearance didn't faze the young man. He knew what was to come. With one lone tear falling onto the snow, sword grasped in hand, a promise in his heart, he then leapt.

Tomorrow during Christmas Eve, Nicholas The Renegade will appear. This is a one in a life time event I wish you will all come to participate in. If he is not killed. his drops will remain unknown. Revenge your fallen loved ones and defeat Nicholas The Renegade tomorrow at 10pm GMT.

He'll be waiting...


Another day trapped inside this dreadful game. Players were dropping like flies and so was the temperature. You don't seem to be counting the days but can easily tell it's almost Christmas time. Oh Christmas time... the day you celebrate with your family and exchange gifts, it was a beautiful day, not meant to be spent inside this pix-elated world. Suddenly, you can feel a tingling sensation on the tip of your nose. Looking up, a white cloud escaping your lips, it starts to snow, slowly but surely as it sticks to the ground. It clings to your newly rewarded armor and glints on top of your chipped sword. You really should stop by the blacksmith... a small voice reminds you in the back of your mind. Licking your lips you let out a sigh and stand to see an announcement make it's way across your screen.
It was a bitter reminder of how everyone there could die with a simple click of one persons finger, helpless to do anything about it, like lab rats. Slowly you drag yourself up and walk down to the blacksmiths, tightening the scarf around your neck and wandering into your anticipation and thoughts about the event.

It is that time of the year folks! No I am not talking about groundhog's day or the first day of spring but the all awaited, freezing cold day of the year most of us celebrate: Christmas! The Birth of Christ to some but to many, an excuse to get presents. That's right I see right through you greedy little players.
However, with a time crunch due to certain... staff unavailability/inactivity, we could not hold an event on the event sever properly and instead will host it on the actual...
Hello everyone! As you've heard the Thanksgiving Event is over, it turned out great and everybody loved it! However, I'm sure you've read the title of this thread and plural winners? Well there was a tie! Between Zezir and Illuminarty33, however settling with a 1v1, Zezir won overall. Both received the swords however since Madi was feeling kind enough to not let such a sword go to waste.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped make the event and participated, until next time!

*off in the distance we hear a deep mysterious voice chuckling...*
Ho... Ho... Ho.



It was a cold and brisk morning. Frost caressed the blades of grass as they stood rigid across the morning plains. Buffalo snorted and the horses stamped their feet in annoyance towards the fall weather. Even the sweat lodge was running cool as the elders sat inside with their sage and smoke. There was the occasional visual puff of air that escaped young little river's mouth as he sat on guard duty. The deep sounds rumbled from inside the giant Tepee he guarded, but what was it he guarded. "Gobble... gobble gobble" the feathered beast could be heard as it strained to escape it's shrine from inside. They would never let it out, the Natives would defend it with their lives for it was one of the many great spirits they worshiped. Suddenly, from deep within his thoughts Little River heard a sound coming across the horizon, towards the sea. A sudden gust of wind almost knocked him off his feet and his attention was now towards the sounds of feet walking, people talking, and trees groaning with the fell of an axe. Little River crept to the edge of their territory, gazing out of the thin line of trees to spot the golden shores that met the ocean. There swaying in all it's glory, was an English Ship carrying an entire colony of Pilgrims... and Soldiers. His eyes widened, running back to his village to tell the elders, warriors, mothers, and children. Yet, a shrilling noise shook the village as Little River collapsed, with a splinter in his heart.
Silence fell over the plains, leaves crinkled under the boots of pilgrim soldiers as they snuck up from the tree line, a twig napped from the tension of the soldiers sole and then... they attacked.

Okie dokie artichokies!
I hope you are having/had a wonderful Wednesday/Thursday, just wanted to let you know I love writing little back stories for things/events so there is sort of what the event is about and it's back story.

Event Catagory
Ay ay ay don't...
Hello Everyone!

I have some good news and I have some bad news.

The good news is that we found what was crashing the server, The bad news is that the players MineZefy, Newmodss and Jaydon2k16 were the ones who were crashing it, They have attempted to log in countless times under Alts to do the exact same thing so me and the rest of the Head Staff have decided to perm ban them from our servers, They are not to be unbanned as they used many exploits including duping, crashing the server, giving themselves unobtainables and much much more.

We are sorry that these players ruined your experience with AncientRPG's Sword Craft Online server and that we will be activating a 2h booster to compensate for the recent crashing.