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One of the staff edited the permission nodes for the "Bug and Exploit Reports" so I could not see them, Only just fixed it now. Feb 13, 2017

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Oct 13, 2018
    1. TheBeastW1thIn
      Okay this isn't really an issue but I was just wondering... Why doesn't off-hand attacking work with the Mine And Battle Gear mod? I don't know where else to look for an answer so I posted this here.
      1. Leolele99
        It used to work but it was removed with an update by them. Im pretty sure thats because you are only supposed to have shields in off hand. I could be wrong though.
        Jun 21, 2017
      2. Optimis100
        you can use a weapon that has some kinda secondary effect such as healing, fire dmg, poison, etc. they all work.
        Jun 21, 2017
      3. LittlePiggyGames
        Nice green Skyrim logo :D
        Mar 5, 2018
    2. AncientRPG
      One of the staff edited the permission nodes for the "Bug and Exploit Reports" so I could not see them, Only just fixed it now.
    3. Iconrolohero
      dunno where i go to ask this so ill just do it here lol, when will server be back up? its been down for about 7 hours now
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      2. Cheshrawr
        Every few hours the server resets because it reduces lag, logically the more resets there is the less lag you should get.

        Usually when the server resets it comes back up in a minute or so, but lately its been bugging up ;-; it isn't meant to be a problem its just the rare case that it happens- but it should be fixed soon
        Oct 11, 2016
      3. TheRealestBlue
        Sky has console access too, but at the time you said this he'd be asleep too
        Oct 11, 2016
      4. Cheshrawr
        I've been told Boss can't do it for some reason o:
        Oct 11, 2016
    4. AncientRPG
      There was an issue earlier with /co i giving us false information, I apologies to the people who were affected by this.
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      2. PrinceZezir
        Its ok. :P
        Aug 28, 2016
        Ondulado likes this.
      3. Itani_
        Aug 28, 2016
        Ondulado and PrinceZezir like this.
      4. Ondulado
        It's fine. :)
        Aug 28, 2016
        PrinceZezir likes this.
    5. CraftingRabbitYt
      when will they add floor 2?
      i saw a little peek of it
    6. CraftingRabbitYt
    7. CraftingRabbitYt
      i cant connect to the hub
      1. BrightPrimates
        Try again? What version are you on? On the modpack?
        Jul 31, 2016
    8. TheRealestBlue
      When will the new floor one map be released?
      1. BrightPrimates
        A month or so, depends if we have the money to hire the builders or not.
        Jul 31, 2016
    9. TheRealestBlue
      Is the level requirement for gear thing true
      1. Itani_
        They announced it themselves..
        Jul 28, 2016
      2. BrightPrimates
        Yes but we wont be adding it until the new floor 1 map is released.
        Jul 28, 2016
    10. MrMichiLP
      sry i dont now how to msg an any People on this page;(
      1. BrightPrimates
        I am looking into this now.
        Jul 8, 2016
    11. MrMichiLP
      i m band for pk but i never killt anybody i hit a guy 2 times with a knif but 1 guy say stop that and i stopt and now 2 days later i have a bann but i dinĀ“t played the last 2 days and now i have a bann but i wannt to Play again pleas ;( [MrMichiLP];(
      1. _Arima
        make a ban appeal under the 'ban appeal' thread. Making these kind of posts will not help you at all.
        Jul 8, 2016
      2. UrsaMajorTV
        First off, You need to post this in the "Ban Appeals" section.
        Secondly I am the one who banned you and I have screenshots with timestamps showing that you did not stop when you were asked to.

        Also, If your spelling is not good on the appeal then there is a VERY high chance that it wont be lifted.
        Jul 8, 2016
    12. AncientRPG
    13. AncientRPG
      Welcome to the new forums!
    14. Sir_Dragon
      Hello Mister Ancient RPG
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