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Hello everyone, Madi here. As some of you have probably guessed Revamp will not be released for testing or official launch today. Before I explain why we have had to stretch the release date even further I would like to formally apologize for myself and the entire Revamp work team in letting you down. We are trying our hardest to finish this Revamp but I myself will not allowed us to rush another revamp.

The simple answer is this, we are testing thoroughly, even more than ever. We are documenting just about every npc under the sun and we also have been trying to figure out working armor equations, xp equations, damage equations, etc. It's a time consuming process in which we are guaranteed working and efficient results the player base can be happy and diligent with if we are allowed the time and cooperation from such base.

You make our server function, without each and everyone of you we would not have any of this today. No fun events, no dungeons, no questionably kind player base, no fun little surprise exploiters, nothing. But with such great numbers remember us little guys, the staff team. Who are pulling each other's legs to try and give you all the best experience in game we possibly can. Despite what many say yes we are living, breathing, thinking, and feeling humans, we've got those rare things called lives, we have problems, we have human life. Now I know some people have spent an unhealthy amount of time on the Revamp and I thank and applaud them yet the rest of us have school, functions, family issues etc. I am not trying to give excuses or ask for a pity party, just trying to show you all what is going on in the inner workings and have some understanding grounds for us to come to.

Without further ado we will continue working on the Revamp as Panda demands and slave drives us too (love ya Pands ;)) and plow through all of this like a freight train and knock it out of the park.

There was a bouquet in his hands and allergy medicine in the other. For who he did not know, he simply kept walking along the dirt road. Past the lily of the valleys, past the tulips, and far beyond the pansy's. Maybe the flowers in his hand were for himself, maybe for those he wronged, maybe for life, the very thing he felt void in. It didn't matter, he simply kept walking down the dirt path, one by one the petals falling from the small gusts of wind. Easter was a day to consider, Easter was a day to wonder, Easter was a day to smell the beginnings and ends of life.

Hello everyone! You know what day it is, I know what day it is, we all know what day it is. It's Easter. The day where we have no idea how a bunny rabbit and Mr. Jesus's re-birth/Resurrection/idk got put on the same day, tied hand in hand. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.
Today's event is a little bit more mundane and domestic, let's cut right to it.

I have hidden TWELVE DIAMOND CHESTS around the map. Inside there are Easter themed prizes, what ones we do not know. No they are not in random places in the middle of a field but some are challenging while others are easy. Also if you find one empty, it is most likely a decoy chest. I will give you the first hint to one of the chests, if you find a chest, place a screenshot of it in the comments below and I will give you all another hint to a chest not yet found.

Hint #1


The smell of seawater is strong, calloused hands pull at the metal, tugging, pulling, hoping the motion on the other side isn't a bluff, behind him the hint of wood and hay floats with the gusts of wind that carry over the calm waves.

Hint #2


Water echoes and drips in sequence with her tears, deep underground is the chatter and business of others yet she sits there tracing the arch above her with bloodied fingers pondering if she...
I have good news for you all, Hex and Soap have told me that the Revamp is almost ready for public testing so we have made a joint decision to allow everyone who bought Beater, Beater+ and Soloplayer to have early acsess to the revamp server!

The early acsess will involve basic dungeon and grinding areas with a few updated quest zones, The testing will be open for around 1-2 weeks depending on how well the server goes,

Currently the plan is we open the server to the donators on the 14th and we plan to go live one the 1st of May

Watch this space and I will try to keep you all posted <3

We are looking for new applicants for builder and helpers, Currently we are stretched very thin to keep staff online at all timezones, If you have applied in the last month or are trying to decide whether to apply or not then PLEASE DO APPLY ANYWAY!!!

Make sure you follow the application rules and use the template properly though
Just a small PSA that has not much to do with our website but as a responsible website admin I wanted to warn you anyways.

So today CloudFlare announced that they found out about a massive data leak that has been undiscovered for months. It basicly leaked random data from their servers to all websites that use CF's services. And well in between random data there were also quite a lot of passwords, usernames, cookies and more.

Anyways never used CF so we are safe on here but your other passwords might not. Change them immediately! All of them!

If you want to check if a website uses CloudFlare, check those websites: (seems to be under heavy traffic rn)

Leo ^^
The girls giggled and ran around, handing chocolates to their desired person, friend or romantic interest. 'I don't get it', he thought. He was sitting there, enjoying the food and watching the interactions among the society he lived in. 'Will I ever?', questioning himself again, it was a daily occurrence now-a-days. In a sense he could see what they were doing, he understood the motives behind the gifts and flowers. He looked to the empty seat to his right, a brief sparkle of a memory flashing, as he rests his hand down. "Happy Valentines Day, I'm sure you would have loved all this..."

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

It is a humble of an 'event'.
Cupid has arrived and the choclates are floating everywhere!
Also the Marriage Plugin has been/is being put back into effect! Yay! Finally I know!
Share your love and kindness around today, you never know who might need it. Sappy, I know, but you never know the impact you have on people until you bring it to light.

Have a wonderful day

[​IMG] the guy is me tbh...

Hey Hey Hey!
As you may know. I was promoted to Head-Designer recently. It's my job to give the players new content. So as I want to know what you guys want! So I am hosting a nice quest line competition! You will have from Feb. 9th to March 9th. Which will give you a whole lot of time to take care of it. I do need to lay down some rules so here we go. REMEMBER TO POST IDEA IN THE CORRECT CATEGORY!

  • The quest lines / stories must be usable in game, therefore they are bound to the laws of physics of Minecraft.
  • The quest lines / stories must use unique NPC's with a link to there skin from such websites as PMC unless they are a type of mob on the server or use the in game editor (Go into single player to mess around with this concept).
  • The quest lines / stories cannot be copied from other games, films etc. They can be loosely connected if you wish (such as a similar name or item).
  • Nothing too inappropriate such as a quest involving some sort of drugs or the use of offensive language etc.

More may be added alongside suggestions from the community.

  • Think of lore for items, people and locations.
  • Good at building? Build some stuff to go with it on the build server!
  • You could make sword, bow or armour skins to go with the NPC's look / drops / rewards.
  • Be unique!
  • NPC's can run server based commands or make a player who clicks them run a command. If you have a plugin you want to run alongside the quest contact @UrsaMajorYT or @DetectiveStrife and they can test it to see if it works....
That's right folks, all vending blocks are to be confiscated and banned.
Due to certain duping exploits etc they are eventually going to be removed completely.
However, those who have shops will be allowed to close them down and sort everything out.
That is all I have time for today, stay tuned for further information.


Thank You.

He heard the faint boom of the fireworks a way off, sitting silently on the pier . Rocking his feet, crossing them, tapping lightly against the wood just thinking and ignoring the chattering behind him in the brightly decorated town. Boom, another firework lit off and even though they were created out of millions of pixels and coding, they looked as real as his own home's. Home... he wondered what the world was doing, were they worrying about the thousands still left, trapped in the game, or were they laughing and enjoying the festival without a care in the world? He supposed he'd never know. Sighing silently he looked up from the water, tilted his head and watched the town, listening to the players making the best out of what they could. Another year, another day, another minuet in this game ticked by, it was a depressing thought, so he let his mind be swept away with the calm, rolling waves, believing it was all real.

Woot Woot, another event!
Don't get your hopes up however everyone, this will be a humble event, for I myself have been quite busy and unfortunately I have been having many problems.
But enough about me! Let's get into the details of the Spring Festival tomorrow.

Of course I am going to be decorating the server, making it bright and shiny, but there will also be a market! The market will be in the same place Santa's workshop was (across from the bank).
Also, don't be surprised if you see a certain beast roaming around (aka possible Chinese Dragon Boss that drops the currency for the market).

I know, fairly short, but as I said, busy schedule, etc etc. And to answer why there has only been events on major holidays, it is because 1. busy as I said and 2. we're basically limiting events until revamp.