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It is an odd feeling, disappointment. Typically most people can see it coming. Most see the small things leading up to it, things hard to miss but shove it aside and in a small state of subconscious panic, they think of how they're going to fix it. That feeling settles in the bottom of your gut, while the anxiety slowly creeps in. There are all kinds of disappointment. Yet through the disappointment many learn, grow, make sacrifices to avoid that disappointment in themselves, others, or the world. Those people make impossible decisions, radical ones making them seem as though they're suddenly a superhero in a cliche movie. People who throw themselves on top of a bomb, who stick their hand into a gushing wound in the middle of the desert, possibly some who block a harbor over tea, or create a country in the name of freedom. Maybe the disappointment is worth it if people like that are allowed to rise...

In the distant memories far past disappointment, some can recall the sorrowful honor of bagpipes, thick polyester lined with red, white, and blue swaying in the breeze and a trickle of fireworks in the night sky.

Hello everyone, long time no see.
As most of you know we have not had an official Event since March 18, 2018, aka St. Patricks Day, yet here we are, finally. I will keep this short, sweet, and straight to the point.
This event has been made to celebrate the 4th of July, a sign of independence to everyone in the world and not simply the USA. The event created will be a barbeque celebration where everyone can come and go, explore and not have to stick on for a certain time. This is a reminiscence of the USA's first celebration of the 4th of July when the USS Jefferson came into the harbor to fire off fireworks and playing the 1812 Overture. This event consists of traders, interactive npcs, music, and more. There is one thing in particular that will be a form of game, head to Carla at the event area near the basketball hoop, she'll explain how the game works. (Thanks to Dek for the summary for me to go off of). This is simply an event to allow players to relax and think about the sacrifices made to create the world or the soil they are standing on.
The warp to the area can be found at gates (through an NPC named Proudmore) early in the morning PST time aka when I get up.

Have a happy Independence Day everyone

Hello Players, I know this has been a long time coming since we first announced 1.5 years ago that we would be revamping the server but since then we have had to reset our progress 3 or so times due to changes in staff and world file corruption...

But I am pleased to announce that we are finally ready for our Closed Alpha testing starting tomorrow!

We currently have a timetable set up for when players can begin to connect to the server, this timetable is as follows

1st April: Announcement for revamp and final bug checks

3rd April - 7th April: SoloPlayers gain access to find the best farming spots and work out certain features to the revamped server

th April - 7th April: BeaterPlus users will gain access to find the best farming spots and work out certain features to the revamped server

7th April - 7th
April: Beater users will gain access to find the best farming spots and work out certain features to the revamped server

8th April (TBC): Swapping the files over and opening the revamp server to all players, This is still To Be Confirmed because we might have to clean up certain assets on the transfer such as the "Creeper Dolls" whenever you try and copy paste furniture.

Finally, I want to finish this post off to apologize for the delay and inactivity of high ranked, key staff members. This is mainly because of the Revamp Server but also the Gun Gale Online server that is due to be open soon as well (Cannot confirm a date for this) , In the upcoming weeks we would like as much feedback as possible, I have created a channel on discord called #revamp-bugs-n-reports for you to post errors in, for now, it is locked for only Staff to be able to post messages but will be slowly unlocked over time for the Soloplayers, then the BeaterPlus uses, then Beaters... Then you! Random person reading this!

Good Luck Players,

-Ursa, GM / Owner

TL DR, Today (April Fools Day) Staff begin final...
It smelled of musk and fermented liquor in the cozy inn. The players were boozing, cruising, and having a party. Some were stomping and clapping on the tables, knocking few drinks over, few were talking quietly and enjoying the evening in the corner tables, and fewer sat, brooding at the bar table like the observer was. A slight sigh and he gestured for another drink to the bartender, not bothering to try and speak out against the lively jig music playing, it wasn't worth the effort. As his drink slid across to meet his hands, the player thought 'Why dance and drink when there's adventure to be had?' With that, the player paid his tab, stood up, left the inn and his drink on the table, walking into the brisk night in seek.

Howdy, everyone! I hope you had a fantastic St. Patricks Day with family or all by your lonesome like our observer friend ;). Either way, today there will be an event.
Lately, I have been swamped with many things going on in my life, so many fellow staff members have stepped up to the plate to help myself and take it on themselves to create their own event, without my assistance. (Supervised only of course ;))

Before I begin, a special thanks to my fellow staff members,
UGAD (Dek)
and Lightguardian

Now for the event, it will be a Scavenger Hunt with 6 separate places across the world. Each area will have a total of 10 Leprechauns, one will be the 'boss', It will not respawn. This boss drops a token that can be traded into Staff for one of the six swords or staffs we made. *You are not allowed to gain more than one of these prizes, you kill one boss, you get that sword/staff. This allows for lower levels to have a chance.* Only 6 will exist, each sword/staff is set for a certain player level and damage. Remember, you are only allowed one token until all 6 have been redeemed. Any player that attempts to turn in more than one will have it confiscated and staff will...
This is going to be a very simple post regarding what I plan to do for the new year. (Which will be the same as it was last year)
The event(s) will consist of Fireworks and a Drop Party at the Clocktower ahead of Spawn.
The "Drop Party" will consist of mostly goodies, one or two dc here and there, decoration blocks, etc. Nothing too special but something ;)
As for Fireworks well if you want any special ones, type down below.

The first round of events will occur at 11:50pm EST aka 8:50pm PST on the 31st (Today)
(To sync with the eastern time ball dropping, good old NYC)

The second round will occur actual New Years Day so the 1st at 12am PST

I might do more but those are the set times so far,

Happy New Year!

The pines seemed to stretch up to the stars, the frosty air biting at their noses. They were all huddled to keep warm, the ice making their metal armor brittle and stiff. Soon, they thought, soon, their hearts raced for the impending adrenaline. There they waited, eyes finding comfort in each other with unspoken words, the shared mutual agreement, the promise of redemption for those dear to them. Just how much longer, the silence engulfed them all, it was as quiet as death, maybe it was a sign. The peace of death, snowflakes landing cold kisses on their faces, swords glistening with frost and sweat, eyes vacant, staring into the starry abyss above, waiting, impending. There, just there, one pointed with a small whisper at the small speckle of red in the abyss, maybe it was Mars, maybe... yet most forget this is all just a game. An ear piercing whistle came with the object spiraling down, and suddenly an explosion sent some flying into the front of their comrades. Death came thundering down and snow exploded, flying in all directions blinding them for a split second. Yet there h- it was, hanging low like a marionette with its strings cut. Then with one lumbering rotation upwards, no movement from the arms nor face, it sat in silence. Suddenly, a player moved, only a slight movement worthy of being dubbed snail like, but the beast didn't miss it. His arms snapped straight, already at an odd lanky length, almost reaching it's ankles, looking like a skeleton with its skin stretched tightly over the limbs. And then, with a crack, its head snapped up, popping sounds and a screech sounded as its crossed soul-staring beet red eyes flickered into its skull. Oh god they wanted to run, but with one cry of hopelessness and blind terror, they all followed into the night.

Howdy everyone! As most of you know we had a Nicholas the Renegade boss fight on Christmas at 9am PST
What was dropped:
5 second immunity crystal
Full Heal...

Winter... that familiar old friend you dread but find brief nostalgia in it's fleeting moments. It smells like that mildly moldy, wet artificial, concrete, not the man made cider’s tangy pungent odor or the wafting hot chocolate like we seem to think it does. No, Winter has always had a rough hand, pneumonia racking through innocent lungs, layers upon layers lacking the warm to keep out the chill, and split ends wet and flaky, connecting themselves to your skin. It's never pleasant. But then again… encased in your house, surrounded by loved ones, the laughter of a child there, the yip of a newborn puppy, or possibly just the crackle of the fire and the twinkle of a star upon the tree. It seems as it's said, a wonderland. Only to take one step outside to grab such a simple thing as the paper, you are now bulldozed in the face with how utterly cold, forgotten, and insignificant you are the fire now seems to you,
alone in the suffocating, sinking snow.

Haha a little uh... *clears throat* haunting way to start a holly jolly event/holiday huh?
Whelp… it’s been an entire year, can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday I was hosting the first of this event. I was very anxious on how it was going to turn out, even after going through the flu after day 8 and rushing just about everything when I was sick and jerry-rigging it, according to myself and players it was a hit, spectacular, fantastic, all those fun little words.

Since many of you probably have no clue what this event is or what in the heck I am talking about, I'll explain a little bit. (Here's the link to the first year of SCOMiss's thread just for a little background context if I reference it later -

Event Information

12 Days of SCOMiss (On Loop) is based off the song 12 Days of Christmas, with our own little fun...
Howdy everyone! As you can see most likely with the lack of a story before this, this is not the official Christmas Event information thread like I usually host, this is a thread to post what to expect and what the event is going to be in general before it starts next week.
(There will be a count down timer until the first day of the event and official thread event the day before the first day.)
Sorry if that sounded a bit confusing but here we go into what to expect!

By vote on the server from the general population of players alike, we have decided to host yet another Twelve Days of SCOMiss!
(I can't believe its been one entire year O.O.........)
I don't know if it's just myself, but, I thoroughly enjoyed last years, probably my second favorite event so far, and I hold it fondly in my heart. Hopefully this years will exceed expectations (considering I was sick with the flu and work got sloppy by the 8th day last year....) and those returning or new will enjoy this years SCO Christmas Event.

For those who need a bit of explanation, Twelve Days of SCOMiss is based after the song I'm sure you've heard '12 days of Christmas' with our own little twist. Essentially for Twelve Days there will be a new something added each day, the reason I used the word something is because that something could range from an item, to a building, maybe a new skin in the shop, a possible discount, anything that pertains to the server and Holiday/Christmas related.
Each item will last through the entire Twelve Days, so no need to worry on a specific time to show up or if you'll miss that days event because it will be there, waiting for you :D.

The first day of the event will be hosted/added on the 13th of December (next Wednesday) and will last until the 25th aka Christmas Day!

Questions or comments (point out if I missed something because I usually do) below.

I hope to see you all here, until then, Happy Holidays!
Look below for post-event information and pictures!

Night was a time for fear. If you hadn't the slightest of shiver down your spine at the sound of something puttering in the alley, or invisible eyes staring holes into the back of your neck, you might be daft. Fear, fear is what keeps you alive, your blood pumping, the adrenaline running through your system forcing you to breathe in the cool, foggy air.
The blank face with their wide smiled asks, "Who will you be tonight ?" Ah, that time of year, Halloween. The one day where you can be someone else entirely, cover the unrelenting pressure of recognition with a weightless mask. There were no eyes, no whispers, only your own, only within your brain. Around the corner it creeps, a slight metal glint from the pocket within, who, you ask? They are no one. Remove the mask, they are no one, anyone, everyone to exist. A splitting grin, a splitting neck, straining eyes, a strained leg, pudgy and squishy cheeks, there lied your red pudding. Fear creeps in the dark, the cloak over death, the barb wired on both sides.
"Who will you be tonight?" fluttering smile, fluttering laugh.

Who will I be?
I will be fear.

Is that the sound of a thump, I hear?

Heyo everyone! We are back in business. I hope you enjoyed my off-the-top-of-my-head-five-minuet-odd-story that I try and add to these events.

I am sad to announce (to those who haven't seen my mood on my profile) my original plan was to release a pvp event Sunday/Saturday and host the event I am announcing now either Sunday Night or Halloween night (unlikely since y'all will be out and about spooking). However, due to files failing to upload and issues with plug-ins, I am disappointed in myself to admit we will not be able to pull it off :(. Maybe next year! Now into this years event, it is a familiar concept but hey, I hope it is...
Bombs rained down with each marching step, every click of a round loading into the chamber. Shrapnel was even deadlier than bullets, you could eye down the gun that would bring your death, yet you couldn't see the shards of metal coming towards your body faster[​IMG] than lighting to deliver the blow. The soldier sat there, frozen as a statue as his bunk-mate charged ahead, screaming and following blindly yet knowing. Another pair of hands hauled him up and screamed in his ear, spitting blood, gunpowder, spit, and grit onto his face, both the material and feeling, "Soldier, get moving, you're too far in hell now[​IMG] to stop." And with that, the slug of boots kept that tune in his heart to have his own marching forward. Left and right, forward and behind, death was closing in, he chuckled as he could recognize and place the severed limb lying at his feet to it's owner several yards away. He was looking down at the grenade that was there, tick, tick, tick, click, click, and as it grew in interval slowly it turned into a spoon? A red and white cover was laying underneath the glass of lemonade with the gre- spoon stirring it, his eyes met the soft ones sitting across from him. A small voice asked, "Are you ok?" The man shook his head, smiled, and replied "Yes" as a comfort to the fireworks exploding above them.

A bit of a longer little mood-setting story hmm?
You all know what this means[​IMG], another event! Yay! (right?)

Before I roll into this event's details I am glad to say that Mr. Papa Bear aka Ursa has granted me permission to officially make events without having to wait for revamp since we haven't had one since Easter.

I hadn't thought of making a 4th of July event until yesterday when I asked most of you on the server and you had asked "What is the 4th of July event gonna be" and to put it simply I was a little thrown for a loop, I hadn't expected it to be well... anticipated. Now since it is a day of remembering the independence achieved by soldiers specifically American but hey everyone can join in) I would like to not host a PVP event and more of a gathering of sorts.
(To be honest I wouldn't have been able to anyways since the Event server isn't up yet but hey we won't focus[​IMG] on that.)
Let's get into the Event Details shall we?

Event Details

The Event is going to be a BBQ Gathering of sorts. (Since that is usually what most Americans do when they cannot go out on the Fourth of July, kick back with the family and have BBQ)
There will be multiple types of new NPCs around the map in lit up, specific areas (Which you will have to find ;)) with tags under their name so you know if they are the correct ones or not, that you have to hunt and kill.
These NPCs will drop food unique to themselves[​IMG] and their themes, you will return[​IMG] to the BBQ area which will be disclosed at a later date (stay tuned for it's location) to cook and eat them.
I know I know, don't worry, that's not all.
Every hour I will be firing off Fireworks and with them, small gifts will fall. Nothing to race around and get excited about but as I said I am focusing[​IMG] on more of a gathering event than anything else.

I wanted to make this type of an event as a sort of break from the constant farming, fighting dungeons and everything everyone is forced to do on loop as there is nothing else currently to do. It gives you all a chance to settle in one place and interact with everyone, sit down, eat some virtual food and talk to your fellow players as respectable, compatible[​IMG], and in-common human beings. At least I hope.

This Event will last[​IMG] from 1:00 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) to 6:00 pm PST on July 4th (PST).


Thank You and have a happy Independence Day


Forums Restart or Revamp in the works!
Hihi everyone! For awhile there has been the one or two things that don't quite work on the forums as well as hoped. So we are having two posible soulutions in the work here!

Restarting the forums!:

Restarting the forums is the likely possiblity but hopefully not the actual outcome. Please back up any forum posts that you don't wish to lose just incase!
Select all > Copy > Paste into a word document or something for reposting at some later date.


So we are trying to make the forums work a little better! So stick in there and hang around for the development on here! ...Or possible backfire. I'll be teaching myself to work with xenforo with all my knowledge from making enjin servers.
And in advance, there is no need to go out of your way to...